Are You Benefiting from the Power of Ketones?

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    Reduction of Appetite

    One of the best things about eating low-carb is that it leads to an automatic reduction in appetite

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    Cognitive Improvement

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    Improves Physical Performance

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    Reduce Blood Pressure

    Low-carb diets are an effective way to reduce blood pressure, which should lead to a reduced risk of these diseases and help you live longer

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    Cancer Inhibiting

    Cancer cells can’t live when ketones are used as a fuel.

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    Lose Belly Fat

    Low-carb diets are very effective at reducing the harmful abdominal fat.

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    Improves Cholesterol Levels

    Low carb diets tend to reduce triglycerides and increase HDL levels.

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    Lose More Weight

    Almost without exception, low-carb diets lead to more weight loss than the diets they are compared to, especially in the first 6 months.

lightning-outlineHarnessing the power of ketones can advance your quality of life. Improving cognitive performance, treating brain disorders, losing weight and possibly inhibiting cancer cell production – there is no other diet that looks to have the benefits as the ketogenic diet.

Few things are as well established in nutrition science as the immense health benefits and potential that ketone supplementation will have as it continues to gain popularity.

What is Ketosis?

Explore the health benefits of ketosis for accelerated fat loss, disease prevention, brain function, satiety, performance, and more.

Let’s Cover the “Basics” About Ketones

Fats can be an equally, and even superior, fuel source to the body.

Ketosis is an often misunderstood subject. Its presence is equated with starvation or a warning sign of something going wrong in your metabolism. But nothing could be farther from the truth! You see, ketones – contrary to popular belief and myth – are a much needed and essential healing energy source in our cells that come from the normal metabolism of fat.

In today’s society, the dietary “standard” puts an extreme emphasis on fats being “evil” which has led to our primary energy source coming from carbohydrates – sugar AKA glucose.

When your body’s primary energy source is suger, that sugar needs to be processed first in the cell soup before it can be passed into the energy factory of the cell- the mitochondrion. Energy sources from fat don’t require this processing; it goes directly into the mitochondria for energetic uses. That is, it is more complicated to create energy out of sugar than out of fat. The process of ketosis refers to the body’s ability to use fats as its primary source of energy, over glucose.

Carbohydrates are not required to obtain energy. Fat supplies more energy than a comparable amount of carbohydrate, and low-carbohydrate diets tend to make your system of producing energy more efficient. Furthermore, many organs prefer fat for energy.Christian B. Allan, PhD and Wolfgang Lutz, MD said in their book Life Without Bread

brain-supplements When the body burns fat, it produces ketones, which consists of three bi-products: β-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), acetoacetate (ACA) and acetone. This naturally occurring process dates back to when our ancestors were hunters and gatherers. It’s what allowed their bodies to survive during times of food restriction.

When an individual begins restrict carbohydrates from their diet, in order to survive the body must look for another fuel source. With no sugars or glucose it turns to fatty acids and your fat stores to provide that more efficient source of fuel. The liver breaks down the fat, and releases ketones into the blood to be used by the brain and other organs to produce energy.

When nerve cell mitochondria use ketones and glucose, they show increased outputs of ATP and decreased output of ROS (reactive oxygen species, too much of which has been associated with cell damage) when compared to only using glucose. This means that ketones have the ability to enhance the brain’s metabolism and improve the process of it acquiring the necessary ATP needed for its various functions.

What is the BEST Way to Increase Your Ketone levels?

Studies show our bodies thrive when living off of fat (ketones) for fuel. Our muscles will reject glucose in favor of ketones when ketone levels in the blood are high enough. Our brains thrive on ketones and your mental clarity, cognition and memory skyrocket. In the past, this was only accomplished by following a strict low carbohydrate (5-10%), moderate protein (15%-30%) and high fat (60%-75%) ketogenic diet. The issue, with most diets, is that the more restrictive they are, the harder they are to follow and the more likely you are to fall off the wagon. You can see how this creates a problem for those who want to benefit from elevated ketone levels, especially children. Well, it is time to step out of the past because there is a new, scientifically proven way to bring your body into a state of nutritional ketosis and reap all of the benefits without the extreme diet!

For the first time ever, we now have access to an exciting new exogenous ketone supplement, KETO//OS. KETO//OS is the perfect solution for any individual that is looking to improve her or his body, life and performance capacity. Whether you are looking to lose excess fat, need to reduce inflammation in the body or just want to be more mentally focuses and clear, KETO//OS makes it possible for you. Studies suggest there are a wide range of benefits that come from using ketones as fuel.

KETO//OS comes in a powder form and is easy to take. Mix with 12 ounces of plain water or your favorite carb free flavored beverage, and drink it! Within 15-30 minutes of drinking KETO//OS, your body enters the state of ketosis.

Introducing KETO//OS


Keto//OS is ketone supplementation that gives someone the benefits of ketosis without having to be in nutritional ketosis. It is also a tool for people that want to follow a Keto lifestyle by reducing symptoms of the Keto flu and accelerating the use of ketones as energy, thus assisting to be Keto-adaptive more efficiently and effectively.

KETO//OS is a proprietary, “first of its kind” Exogenous ketone delivery drink. Rarely does a nutritional based product come along that has the ability to make a measurable and substantial impact on health and wellness. Prüvit’s KETO//OS (Ketone Operating System) is a revolutionary drink mix that is based on a proprietary ketone energy technology that delivers advanced macro nutritionals and promotes optimized cellular regeneration, energy and longevity. Ketones are a high energy product of fat oxidation that deliver a more efficient and higher energy yield than glucose which makes them the ideal fuel for powering the human body. Ketones are traditionally only produced during times of prolonged fasting and therefore have been limited in their availability as an alternative energy source.

KETO//OS contains a specifically engineered ratio of proprietary ketone mineral salts that provide a high-energy fuel compound without having to incorporate an energy-restricted diet. KETO//OS contains a perfect ratio of ketones for optimal protein synthesis and a high fiber based MCT formulation for sustained nutrient energy and digestive health and cognition. KETO//OS assists in improving the pattern of LDL Cholesterol and increases levels of HDL (good cholesterol). KETO//OS will make you feel more energetic, more focused, more fit and healthier than you ever have. It provides an exceptional nutritional foundation to help you lose weight, feel great and perform your very best.

  • Is Nutrient and Energy Dense
  • Increases TCA Cycle Efficiency and ATP Production
  • Does Not Contain Insulinogenic Compounds
  • Will Not Promote Lipogenesis
  • Promotes High Nitrogen Retention Protein Synthesis
  • Provides Elevated and Sustained High Energy Ketones
  • Promotes Sustained Energetics
  • Increases Lipolysis for Energy Substrate Utilization
  • Promotes Thermogenesis
  • Provides Neuroprotection & Increase brain activity
  • Copy of Increases TCA Cycle Efficiency and ATP Production
  • Copy of Increases TCA Cycle Efficiency and ATP Production
  • Promotes Triglyceride Reduction
  • Promotes Enhanced Neurological Efficiency
  • Helps Reduce Blood pressure
  • Promotes Re-balancing of Yeast in Gut (candida)
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